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Imagine your space brought to life with our entry-level MDF plantation shutters, crafted just for you.
The Antigua range is an entry-level premium product made from MDF, covered with an extruded polypropylene coating. Available in most of our popular styles, Antigua has a high-quality finish, making it a versatile and durable choice for your home.
Quick and easy to clean, Antigua is ideal for small and medium sized windows, as there are limitations when using it in larger installations or special shapes. If you are looking for shutters for a specific space, either in size or shape, then our Fiji or Samoa ranges would help you realise your vision. Both Fiji and Samoa are crafted from lightweight sustainable hardwoods, available in a broad range of colours and finishes, making them a more versatile choice for plantation shutters.
As MDF is a robust, and hardwearing material, it is a good choice for those with a busier family life. If your furnishings need to be a little bit more resistant to scratches and bumps, then MDF may be the material for you.

MDF Shutters help bring your interiors to life

Coming in a choice of nine popular shades, the range is for more than just being used as a window covering. The perfect fit for both classic and contemporary interiors, MDF is a durable material, making it a great choice for high traffic areas of the home, such as room dividers or patio doors.
As a material, MDF can often prove to susceptible from moisture over a period of time, meaning it can prove to be a concern when it comes to the home. However, we use a specially formulated moisture resistant MDF that has been sourced sustainably from Australia. This allows more peace of mind when it comes to the home, although for moisture-dense environments such as bathrooms, toilets, and kitchens, then our 100% moisture resistant ABS Java range could be the best choice for you.
Every Antigua shutter includes a decorative bead along the length of the stile, giving them an enhanced finish. There are five sizes of louvre available in our MDF product, giving you the choice to have control over privacy when you need it, and admire the view where you want it.
Imagine light control, economical heat and improved sound insulation, all wrapped up in a stylish look that will complement your interior design choices and breathe new life into your space.


Imagine combining beauty with functionality, all wrapped up in our entry-level hardwood shutter range.
Cuba shutters are our entry-level hardwood range, combining style and practicality. A blend of robust MDF frame and hardwood shutter panels offers great value, reducing the weight of the shutter, and providing wooden shutters at an affordable price.
The use of wood panels make the shutters much lighter than the MDF Antigua range. This reduced weight means that larger windows and expanses can be covered, with the ability to hinge 4 panels together, rather than 2 possible with Antigua and Bermuda. Even with more panels, the lighter hardwood helps prevent bowing and warping in the shutters. However, as the frames are still crafted from MDF, they are not suitable for rooms that suffer from increased levels of condensation.
Cuba shutters are available in 23 stylish colours, plus custom colour option, and a range of louvre sizes that help bring your vision to light. Larger louvres allow more light to filter into your home, while smaller ones provide more internal privacy.

Cuba Shutters are suited to larger windows and spaces

As the combination of real hardwood and MDF is ideal for larger spaces, Cuba is perfect for use as a room divider, for example with a bi-fold track system. The panels are hinged together, and can simply be folded back against each other, to provide easy access when required. A 180° option is also available, allowing panels to be folded right back against the walls.
As a premium, made-to-measure product, S:CRAFT shutters can be used as bespoke wardrobe doors. Due to the lighter hardwood panels, Cuba is therefore ideal for larger built-in wardrobes, and with fixed louvres, is excellent for providing ventilation to your belongings.
The panels are manufactured in a mix of sustainable hardwoods, all with a linear grain that is excellent for painting, providing a flat and uniform finish. The sides of the panels (stiles) are plain, giving a crisp and clean look to the shutters.
Imagine a vision for your space, then see it come to life with premium, made-to-measure shutters, designed to your taste. 


Imagine a stylish new look for your interiors, then consider it done with shutters in almost any shape or colour.
Crafted from sustainable and premium quality hardwoods, Fiji provides a wide range of customisation options, perfectly fitting the designs in your imagination. The stained option is crafted from Paulownia, one of the world’s fastest growing tree species, maturing in under 10 years, also known for the natural beauty of its grain.
As the Fiji range of S:CRAFT shutters is manufactured solely from hardwood, it is much lighter than our MDF products. Being lighter makes it an ideal choice if you have larger windows or require window coverings for your roof spaces. Fiji can also be used for installations such as bay windows and conservatories that require more complex frames. Paulownia is a great wood for shutters, as it is not only ethically sourced, it also has one of the highest strength to weight ratios on the market.
If you are looking to complete the design of larger openings, such as for patio doors, in-built wardrobes or room dividers, then Fiji is the material for you. The lighter, robust hardwood is particularly suited to the bi-fold and by-pass track systems needed for these grander spaces.

Fiji is flexible to suit the unique vision for your favorite spaces.

Alongside a stunning range of 23 painted colours and 27 wood shades of wood stain, Fiji shutters also have a custom colour option. This range of colours, and the 5 sizes of louvre on offer, help you achieve the look you’ve dreamed of, to really finish off your space.
If you have a clear vision of how you’d like your home to look and feel, S:CRAFT shutters will bring your ideas to light. Each Fiji shutter is individually crafted with absolute precision, meaning that unusually shaped windows present no problem. You can find a shutter to suit, whether your window is based on angles or curves.
Made-to-measure plantation shutters let you take control of style and light in your home. As well as providing light control, and additional privacy, Fiji shutters made from Paulownia are great insulators. The low thermal conductivity of the wood is excellent at keeping homes cool in the summer and warm in winter.
Imagine a premium design, styled to suit your taste, and crafted with care just for your home, then consider it done with S:CRAFT shutters.

Imagine taking a long, warm bath, soaking up the atmosphere provided by the beauty of natural sunlight.
Unlike the other S:CRAFT shutter ranges, Java is crafted from high-grade ABS (acrylonile butadiene styrene), a more robust alternative to cheaper vinyl, shutters. ABS is a hard, lightweight plastic that is used for a range of purposes due to its shock-absorbing properties.
Being crafted from ABS, rather than wood or MDF, means that Java is fully waterproof, making it an ideal material for rooms with condensation issues or increased exposure to water. In bathrooms, kitchens or wetrooms, the shutters are easy to dry and do not absorb moisture like other materials. Each shutter has a high-quality finish that means it is virtually impossible to tell that the shutters are plastic.
Java is available in 23 beautiful colours, and custom colour option, and a variety of louvre sizes, providing a style that suits a wide range of interiors. Whether you are looking to soak in the bath with added privacy, or bring light into your kitchen, the Java range can help bring your vision to light.
Java shutters combine both strength and style

Due to the resilience of the material, Java is particularly suitable in places of your home that may experience a few more knocks or bumps. Either in your kids’ bedrooms, or in front of your patio doors, the hardwearing ABS means that damage such as small dents can be avoided.
S:CRAFT shutters are made to measure any space with pinpoint accuracy, and will fulfil your expectations with absolute precision. Ask your local stockist about some of the special shape windows that can be fitted with custom crafted Java.
If you’ve thought about soaking in the rays of the sun, whilst soaking in a nice warm bath, then Java shutters can help you realise your vision. Combining both light control and privacy, shutters help screen off your interiors without having to shut out natural light from the outside world.
Imagine the peace and quiet of a relaxing bath, shielded from prying eyes, whilst enjoying the sun’s rays. 

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